A Colony of Bats

I want trick-or-treaters this year & it seemed like having a big (& early!) Halloween window might do the trick. The idea & pattern for this Bat Banner came from HenryHappened. I liked the idea since it’s cheap, simple, & almost fancy looking. It reminds me of a beaded necklace.

Bat Banner

Pretty friendly for being a little spooky.

Buying a whole pack of construction paper just for black seemed like a waste. I bought a cheap black gift bag instead. This turned out to be a great idea; the white inside of the bag made it super easy to trace out the bats. I didn’t have a hole punch handy, so the puncture marks were made with a sharp pencil so that the bats could be hung up with twine.

Bat Banner in the making

Bats like to huddle together, right?

Of course I didn’t stop there. In addition to the usual farmers market gourds, I also grabbed a flameless candle on a timer from the drug store. It clicks on every evening before I get home so that I can enjoy it, too. The black cat was leftover from a crazy cat lady costume. The paper lantern moon was just a happy accident.

Getting Halloween ready

Had a few extra, so we stuck them to the window of the front door.

I cut out so many bats that I’m still trying to come up with places to stick them. Having temporary double sided tape has never made so much sense.

Now for some jack-o-lanterns & we’ll be set!


Escape To Portland

You ever realize you’re just coasting through shit & need to do something slightly drastic? Yeah. We ran away to Portland.

We had all these ideas of what we’d see and do for our 24-hour vacation. Carson Hot Springs! Spruce Goose! OSMI! Tax-free shopping! Then we arrived at Hotel Lucia & saw our great location. Most of our notions were scrapped in favor of wandering around downtown.


The  jade scorpion cocktail & crispy Brussels sprouts at Saucebox.

We played Area 51 to the end at Ground Kontrol.

Found street art in the dark. Go to 13fngrs.com for more!

Found street art in the dark. It says 13fngrs on the back.

Clyde Common for brunch. Get the trout cakes!

My favorite part of eating around Portland, other than the low prices, is that no one asks me what kind of toast I want with my meal. I never want toast. I guess it’s a bonus of a gluten-free friendly city!

See the full set (and my obsession with lighting) on Flickr.

Major Lazer

Hey look! I went outside! Nothing busts a rut quite like dancing your ass off. Major Lazer is perfect for that.

A coworker of mine was working the show and bumped us up to the Showbox’s VIP platform. Great view, better drinks, and chairs! The VIP area is really the place where the grown-ups are during an all ages show. The platform separated us from the college kids on spring break. The chairs in VIP were actually used for sitting occasionally! And there was definitely no taking off your shirt, no matter what Diplo is doing.

A Gold Club membership at the Showbox is $499 annually for an individual, but they can do the package on a single-show basis for an undisclosed price. There’s an inquiry button online. It could definitely be worth checking out for big shows like this one. You can find out more information at ShowboxOnline.com.

Romeo et Juliet at PNB

I saw PNB’s performance of Jean-Christophe Maillot’s Romeo et Juilet back in 2008 & fell hopelessly in love. Bought the DVD & everything. (Ballet dvds are almost never worth the price.) I just needed something to bring a little of the performance back. There’s nothing quite like it. The plain set of white panels are as much a part of each scene as the dancers. The whole thing is stripped down, passionate, & stunning.

This Saturday the original Seattle leads are returning for one night, having been scooped up by Maillot’s company Les Ballets de Monte Carlo in Monaco in 2008 & 2012 respectively. As Noelani Pantastico says in the video above, it’s been 5 years since their memorable performance & it promises to be a very different experience, though happily familiar. There are still seats available here.