A Colony of Bats

I want trick-or-treaters this year & it seemed like having a big (& early!) Halloween window might do the trick. The idea & pattern for this Bat Banner came from HenryHappened. I liked the idea since it’s cheap, simple, & almost fancy looking. It reminds me of a beaded necklace.

Bat Banner

Pretty friendly for being a little spooky.

Buying a whole pack of construction paper just for black seemed like a waste. I bought a cheap black gift bag instead. This turned out to be a great idea; the white inside of the bag made it super easy to trace out the bats. I didn’t have a hole punch handy, so the puncture marks were made with a sharp pencil so that the bats could be hung up with twine.

Bat Banner in the making

Bats like to huddle together, right?

Of course I didn’t stop there. In addition to the usual farmers market gourds, I also grabbed a flameless candle on a timer from the drug store. It clicks on every evening before I get home so that I can enjoy it, too. The black cat was leftover from a crazy cat lady costume. The paper lantern moon was just a happy accident.

Getting Halloween ready

Had a few extra, so we stuck them to the window of the front door.

I cut out so many bats that I’m still trying to come up with places to stick them. Having temporary double sided tape has never made so much sense.

Now for some jack-o-lanterns & we’ll be set!


Pumpkin Ale Bread

Happy Halloween weekend! Instead of decorating like I originally planned, I baked pumpkin ale bread to celebrate. The recipe comes from Caroline at A Cozy Kitchen as a grown-up version of her college staple.

Pumpkin Ale Bread!

The basic recipe from her college days is 3 cups flour, 3 tablespoons sugar, 3 teaspoons baking powder, and one 12oz beer. Use one beer for the recipe and drink the other five! Yup, college. This version is dressed up with salt, ginger, cinnamon, all-spice, and pumpkin ale.
I’m not an ale girl, so I used up half the 6-pack by making three different kinds. The first was plain and had too much baking powder. Oops! It was tasty as a bread, but too bland to take to coworkers for a treat. I changed to 2 tablespoons white sugar, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, and doubled all the spices. The second attempt has walnuts and extra all-spice. The third has walnuts and chocolate chips with extra cinnamon. 
The verdict: Delicious. This recipe is boyfriend and coworker approved. 
Maybe next time I’ll try it with a stout and use some chocolate powder…

Bridal Shower Project

I’m sure this is cheating to post this now. My sister’s bridal shower was a month ago, but this party decoration was so easy to create!

The lacey lanterns were a project inspired by Belinda over at The Happy Home Blog and really helped make it a special garden party.

Bridal shower

A couple of additional tips from my own attempts:

    • Scotch double-sided permanent strength tape was the only kind that actually held the petals on the lanterns and even that didn’t hold perfectly.


  • Be prepared to use at least 1.5 packages of 16-count doilies for each lantern.



  • Wilton’s grease-proof kind had the prettiest “lace” of the varieties I found.



  • Don’t put them outside in the wind until the party is about to start. (See point 1 if you’re wondering why!)



  • You may need a buddy to hang them at the right height. I wasn’t tall enough to hang them myself even on the highest ladder.


I got by with a little help from my dad.

Bridal shower

Ta-Da! Girly summer ambiance.

Bridal shower
Bridal shower