A Colony of Bats

I want trick-or-treaters this year & it seemed like having a big (& early!) Halloween window might do the trick. The idea & pattern for this Bat Banner came from HenryHappened. I liked the idea since it’s cheap, simple, & almost fancy looking. It reminds me of a beaded necklace.

Bat Banner

Pretty friendly for being a little spooky.

Buying a whole pack of construction paper just for black seemed like a waste. I bought a cheap black gift bag instead. This turned out to be a great idea; the white inside of the bag made it super easy to trace out the bats. I didn’t have a hole punch handy, so the puncture marks were made with a sharp pencil so that the bats could be hung up with twine.

Bat Banner in the making

Bats like to huddle together, right?

Of course I didn’t stop there. In addition to the usual farmers market gourds, I also grabbed a flameless candle on a timer from the drug store. It clicks on every evening before I get home so that I can enjoy it, too. The black cat was leftover from a crazy cat lady costume. The paper lantern moon was just a happy accident.

Getting Halloween ready

Had a few extra, so we stuck them to the window of the front door.

I cut out so many bats that I’m still trying to come up with places to stick them. Having temporary double sided tape has never made so much sense.

Now for some jack-o-lanterns & we’ll be set!


Happy Fall!

Fall Mantel

Other people DON’T restyle for the seasons?

Maybe I fiddle with my home more than most, but I think having your house feel like the season can help get you in the right head space. Fall means sunflowers from the last of the farmer’s markets, the antlers come back to the mantel, and the photos with snow scenes come out of their summer hibernation.


Garage sale candlesticks with Ikea candles. Cheap & pretty!

I am really excited about my new candlesticks, too. On Thursday, Habitually Chic posted a great table styling photo on instagram and I fell in love with the candle holders. Two days later I found nearly identical ones at a garage sale! It was kismet. We’re still trying to find the perfect sheep skin to throw around like a blanket. Then it’ll really feel like a new season.

Put A Lady On It

Sometimes I need to move things around in our house just to feel better. Interior fidgeting, basically.  This is turning out to be really true for reclaiming our house as our own with the construction. Stay tuned for when I go back to cooking and going outside. Until then, more posts about interiors.

Yesterday I was fidgeting with our mantel and came to a funny realization: other people put a bird on it, I put a lady on it. Most of my art collection is illustrations of people. I may need help picking out a landscape or two.

Pink & Blue

Girly’d up the mantel

The pink lady is the only art that’s brand new. Lola Donoghue is a painter from Ireland that was recently Etsy’s featured seller. That usually doesn’t draw me in, but E and I both loved this illustration. He’s calling her Grace Jones. She’s my muse.

Art by Lola

Art by Lola

Lola has two separate shops, Lola Donoghue for full paintings and ARTbyLola for fashion illustrations like this one.

Trials & Errors

Our windows are being replaced! It’s actually pretty exciting to have beautiful new windows and window framing. It’s lovely, inside & out.

The main problem right now is that we’re in the second week of construction while waiting on a new style of front window. The first one installed was the wrong one. As everyone knows, having your home under construction is draining. I’ve been trying (& often failing) to keep it in perspective: The new style is worth the wait! Replacing windows is mild compared to big projects! It will look great when it’s done! Buuuuut it’s still not done yet.

To keep my spirits up, I’ve been planning out a garden and replacing the curtains inside. Gardening is a fun new adventure and I am learning a ton. The curtains, on the other hand, are right in my wheelhouse.

As a reminder, this what has been on the window for a while now.

Good morning

Good morning

There’s nothing really wrong with the curtains that are there.  I just hate tabbed curtains. I’m nitpicky about how the curtain pleats lie, and he likes to close them from to bottom, and then the tabs get stuck in stupid ways along the top. I feel like a crazy lady fixing the curtains all the time.

Look how quiet they are!

Look how quiet they are!

Plus, that photo was from an atypical sunny morning.  Seattle is notoriously overcast and they never let in enough day light when closed. (We live on a busy street, so they are usually closed.) New curtains are an obvious solution. Ones with grommets or rings that will slide easily along the rod, and a double rod so we can add privacy sheers. After some hunting, a failed attempt with a rust color curtain and a few returns, I finally found a style from Bed Bath & Beyond that should do the job. We tried out two color options last night.

Ivory or Spa?

Night time curtain test. Ivory or Spa?

It’s so helpful to test new curtains in every different light you can manage. During the evening we turned on all the living room lights to see how it looked inside, then ran outside to see how much you could see from the street. This morning I checked out how much daylight would be let through.

Day time curtain test. Left: Ivory new trial curtain. Right: Spa new trial curtain.

Day time curtain test.
Left: Ivory. Right: Spa.

Left: Our old curtains. Right: The new curtains

Left: Our old curtains. Right: Spa.

Spa it is! It blocked all but the brightest interior light from the street during the night, and let in enough daylight during a cloudy day. At first I was worried we were only leaning toward the green because of some color based stockholm syndrome. But no! The “spa” color is genuinely nice.

Now to get that new front window installed so I can put up our new double curtain rods…

A Broyhill Mystery

We’ve been heavily cleaning & reorganizing lately in anticipation of our house being torn apart. New windows are exciting, but a bit nerve wracking. In the process of moving the dresser, we noticed something odd: a little slip of paper behind the mirror’s frame. It’s a Broyhill time card!

You can see the line from where the light bleached it over the years.

You can see the line from where the light bleached it over the years.

I bought the dresser off of craigslist, & neither I nor the seller had seen any maker’s marks. If it really is a Broyhill then I got a steal of a price. Considering my love of Broyhill’s Brasilia line, it very well could have been subconscious.

Close up of the top two drawer layers.

Close up of the top two drawer layers.

Can anyone help ID this line? It’s 9 drawer, three levels of three. The center drawers are double width. The top row is undulating curves of wood. Legs are capped tapers. The mirror spans most of the dresser, has the same undulating curve across the top & a engraved line down the center. 

I can post an overall picture after we clear more space. Any help is appreciated!