That’s Not Right

Dear Amazon,

We have very different definitions of “fiction”.


Librarian Love

I love the library so much. During SIFF we saw The Punk Singer, all about Kathleen Hanna’s career and her struggle with lyme disease. The film triggered a memory of a book I read as a kid. Early 90s, part of a series, large family on vacation on an island, one kid is bitten by a tick, gets lyme disease and is carted around in a wagon. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to remember the title of this children’s novel for about a month now.

Yesterday I was picking up my copious amount of holds at the Seattle Central Library when it occurred to me that I could ask a librarian. She found it in about five minutes. “11 Kids 1 Summer”. Unsurprising to anyone who knew me as a kid, it’s by the same author as The Babysitters Club.

I <3 Ann M. Martin

The wagon is even on the cover!

This time I’m going to read it out in my garden with a glass of wine. Ah, childhood.