Happy Fall!

Fall Mantel

Other people DON’T restyle for the seasons?

Maybe I fiddle with my home more than most, but I think having your house feel like the season can help get you in the right head space. Fall means sunflowers from the last of the farmer’s markets, the antlers come back to the mantel, and the photos with snow scenes come out of their summer hibernation.


Garage sale candlesticks with Ikea candles. Cheap & pretty!

I am really excited about my new candlesticks, too. On Thursday, Habitually Chic posted a great table styling photo on instagram and I fell in love with the candle holders. Two days later I found nearly identical ones at a garage sale! It was kismet. We’re still trying to find the perfect sheep skin to throw around like a blanket. Then it’ll really feel like a new season.


A Beautiful Summer

I’m not ready to admit that summer is over. It has been sunny almost every afternoon. Even the storms have been more awe-inspiring than usual. It’s too bad that a lot of people are too cranky to enjoy it. The people who whine about how hot it is in Seattle right now are going to be the same ones who whine when it rains all next week.

Court yard

Capitol Hill court yard

Beautiful sun break

The morning rain stopped in time for my jog.

Who is that guy?

A day perfect enough for a newscaster promo.


Frolik has a great 5th story spot. There’s a ping pong table, too!

Librarian Love

I love the library so much. During SIFF we saw The Punk Singer, all about Kathleen Hanna’s career and her struggle with lyme disease. The film triggered a memory of a book I read as a kid. Early 90s, part of a series, large family on vacation on an island, one kid is bitten by a tick, gets lyme disease and is carted around in a wagon. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to remember the title of this children’s novel for about a month now.

Yesterday I was picking up my copious amount of holds at the Seattle Central Library when it occurred to me that I could ask a librarian. She found it in about five minutes. “11 Kids 1 Summer”. Unsurprising to anyone who knew me as a kid, it’s by the same author as The Babysitters Club.

I <3 Ann M. Martin

The wagon is even on the cover!

This time I’m going to read it out in my garden with a glass of wine. Ah, childhood.

A Nice Surprise

One of my room designs was chosen as a Polyvore Top Story! I hadn’t submitted it to any of the contests or anything. It’s third on their front page carousel right now.

Top Story!

They like me!

And here’s the full version:

Greys and Blues

The art in the frames is by the creative studio Atelier Olschinsky, run by Peter Olschinsky & Verena Weiss of Austria.

Edit: It can now be seen in the official Polyvore collection Top Interior Design Sets for June 20th.

First Thoughts on CSA Boxes

We’ve been testing out a CSA box this summer to mixed results.

Homemade home fries

Homefries with onion, bell pepper, and carrot

One one hand, it never seems like the correct amount of food. Our boxes are the second smallest size from Full Circle. We inevitably end up with lots of leftovers of some items & not enough of others. (I actually had a  dream where I was elated to find horses because they would eat our carrots.) It has been much better after I arranged it for very other week and learned how to opt-out of lettuce. We’re not big on salads. Extra oranges and broccoli are more our speed.

On the other hand, it’s like playing iron chef every week. It has really made a difference in how I approach our kitchen basics. Every time I go to cook,I try to clear out the fridge of everything fresh. My go-to easy pasta dishes now have a fun mix of veggies instead of lots of meat.

Simple pasta

Simple pasta. Mushrooms, tomato, spinach. Broccoli on the side.