The Year In Review

I haven’t been posting much this year. This point was driven home when my Facebook year in review was mostly photos others had tagged me in. My year was a lot more beautiful than anyone would guess, especially considering undiagnosed knee bursitis left me hobbled for the better part of 7 months. A lot of time was spent with family and friend. We also traveled all over western Washington. Be prepared for some sunset photos.

2014 started with our 4th Anniversary trip to Mount St. Helens. We arrived late, woke up early and saw the most beautiful sunrise over the mountain.

This biggest news of my year was becoming an aunt. Emily & Pete had a baby! Being an aunt is so much fun. There were a ton of crafts before she was born, and I’m sure there will be even more as she grows. Em and I even did some long distance design consulting for the nursery. It is turning out super cute.

I was invited to an event at the Chihuly Boathouse. It was great to see someone else’s collection of creepy face objects.

E & I went on a camping trip on the Olympic Peninsula, stopping at the Olympic National Park, Neah Bay to visit a friend, and the Salt Creek Campground, where you sleep overlooking the tide pools.

We made a few trips down to Ocean Shores to spend time with my family. Rain, wind, or sun, these beaches are wonderful.

This fall we celebrated a few of our friends getting married. One of these weddings was just outside of Portland in Troutdale, Oregon. We had a great time driving the historic Columbia River Highway. There are cabbage farms, coating the ground in purple leaves, just a mile away from historic sites along the way to waterfalls.

We’re going back for this year’s anniversary. I cannot wait to start the year off at McMenamins Edgefield, getting to see the falls in daylight, and finally going inside the Vista House!


A Beautiful Summer

I’m not ready to admit that summer is over. It has been sunny almost every afternoon. Even the storms have been more awe-inspiring than usual. It’s too bad that a lot of people are too cranky to enjoy it. The people who whine about how hot it is in Seattle right now are going to be the same ones who whine when it rains all next week.

Court yard

Capitol Hill court yard

Beautiful sun break

The morning rain stopped in time for my jog.

Who is that guy?

A day perfect enough for a newscaster promo.


Frolik has a great 5th story spot. There’s a ping pong table, too!

Librarian Love

I love the library so much. During SIFF we saw The Punk Singer, all about Kathleen Hanna’s career and her struggle with lyme disease. The film triggered a memory of a book I read as a kid. Early 90s, part of a series, large family on vacation on an island, one kid is bitten by a tick, gets lyme disease and is carted around in a wagon. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to remember the title of this children’s novel for about a month now.

Yesterday I was picking up my copious amount of holds at the Seattle Central Library when it occurred to me that I could ask a librarian. She found it in about five minutes. “11 Kids 1 Summer”. Unsurprising to anyone who knew me as a kid, it’s by the same author as The Babysitters Club.

I <3 Ann M. Martin

The wagon is even on the cover!

This time I’m going to read it out in my garden with a glass of wine. Ah, childhood.

The Art in the Courthouse

I contested my first parking this week! It was much easier than expected (kind of like most things I worry about). The only part I regret is not checking the artist name for the sculpture in the stairwell.

Art at the Seattle Municipal Court

Who is this by?

Often I find public art cloying or repetitive. The Northwest could really do with less metal fish. But this I like. It’s repetitive in best way and has great imagery for the balance of the judicial system without being too  literal.

Any idea who it’s by? The Seattle Municipal Court website has lots of helpful information about court instead of public art information.

EDIT: Found it! The website for the Office of Art & Culture is where they hide all this info.  The piece is called Witness and Dilemma, Levels, Weights and Measures by a design team of Pam Beyette, Michael Davis, Norie Sato and Richard Turner.

Mount Baker Park

Once, on a flight back to Seattle from California, I overheard some girls commenting on my city: “Oh! It’s so grey!” It took a lot of energy to not tell them how wrong they were. Does this look grey to you?

Rainy day

This was on a rainy day

We came across Mount Baker Park while trying to find a yard sale. We didn’t pick up anything at the sale, but we do have a new favorite place.  It may be the most beautiful place in Seattle as far as I’m concerned.

Rainy Day

The stream goes down a set of stepped pools.

The park stretches for a few blocks, from the inner part of a neighborhood down to the Lake Washinton. There’s a playground a the top of the park, complete with a tennis court and a seated zip line (so much more fun than the kind where you dangle). Then there is a grassy expanse that eventually turns in to this stepped stream. The shade plants that boarder the  ravine are inspiring my own gardening.

We only left when the rain really got going. Lazy happy weekends call for some croissants.