First Thoughts on CSA Boxes

We’ve been testing out a CSA box this summer to mixed results.

Homemade home fries

Homefries with onion, bell pepper, and carrot

One one hand, it never seems like the correct amount of food. Our boxes are the second smallest size from Full Circle. We inevitably end up with lots of leftovers of some items & not enough of others. (I actually had a  dream where I was elated to find horses because they would eat our carrots.) It has been much better after I arranged it for very other week and learned how to opt-out of lettuce. We’re not big on salads. Extra oranges and broccoli are more our speed.

On the other hand, it’s like playing iron chef every week. It has really made a difference in how I approach our kitchen basics. Every time I go to cook,I try to clear out the fridge of everything fresh. My go-to easy pasta dishes now have a fun mix of veggies instead of lots of meat.

Simple pasta

Simple pasta. Mushrooms, tomato, spinach. Broccoli on the side.


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