The Art in the Courthouse

I contested my first parking this week! It was much easier than expected (kind of like most things I worry about). The only part I regret is not checking the artist name for the sculpture in the stairwell.

Art at the Seattle Municipal Court

Who is this by?

Often I find public art cloying or repetitive. The Northwest could really do with less metal fish. But this I like. It’s repetitive in best way and has great imagery for the balance of the judicial system without being too  literal.

Any idea who it’s by? The Seattle Municipal Court website has lots of helpful information about court instead of public art information.

EDIT: Found it! The website for the Office of Art & Culture is where they hide all this info.  The piece is called Witness and Dilemma, Levels, Weights and Measures by a design team of Pam Beyette, Michael Davis, Norie Sato and Richard Turner.


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