Mount Baker Park

Once, on a flight back to Seattle from California, I overheard some girls commenting on my city: “Oh! It’s so grey!” It took a lot of energy to not tell them how wrong they were. Does this look grey to you?

Rainy day

This was on a rainy day

We came across Mount Baker Park while trying to find a yard sale. We didn’t pick up anything at the sale, but we do have a new favorite place.  It may be the most beautiful place in Seattle as far as I’m concerned.

Rainy Day

The stream goes down a set of stepped pools.

The park stretches for a few blocks, from the inner part of a neighborhood down to the Lake Washinton. There’s a playground a the top of the park, complete with a tennis court and a seated zip line (so much more fun than the kind where you dangle). Then there is a grassy expanse that eventually turns in to this stepped stream. The shade plants that boarder the  ravine are inspiring my own gardening.

We only left when the rain really got going. Lazy happy weekends call for some croissants.


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