Escape To Portland

You ever realize you’re just coasting through shit & need to do something slightly drastic? Yeah. We ran away to Portland.

We had all these ideas of what we’d see and do for our 24-hour vacation. Carson Hot Springs! Spruce Goose! OSMI! Tax-free shopping! Then we arrived at Hotel Lucia & saw our great location. Most of our notions were scrapped in favor of wandering around downtown.


The  jade scorpion cocktail & crispy Brussels sprouts at Saucebox.

We played Area 51 to the end at Ground Kontrol.

Found street art in the dark. Go to for more!

Found street art in the dark. It says 13fngrs on the back.

Clyde Common for brunch. Get the trout cakes!

My favorite part of eating around Portland, other than the low prices, is that no one asks me what kind of toast I want with my meal. I never want toast. I guess it’s a bonus of a gluten-free friendly city!

See the full set (and my obsession with lighting) on Flickr.


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