Put A Lady On It

Sometimes I need to move things around in our house just to feel better. Interior fidgeting, basically.  This is turning out to be really true for reclaiming our house as our own with the construction. Stay tuned for when I go back to cooking and going outside. Until then, more posts about interiors.

Yesterday I was fidgeting with our mantel and came to a funny realization: other people put a bird on it, I put a lady on it. Most of my art collection is illustrations of people. I may need help picking out a landscape or two.

Pink & Blue

Girly’d up the mantel

The pink lady is the only art that’s brand new. Lola Donoghue is a painter from Ireland that was recently Etsy’s featured seller. That usually doesn’t draw me in, but E and I both loved this illustration. He’s calling her Grace Jones. She’s my muse.

Art by Lola

Art by Lola

Lola has two separate shops, Lola Donoghue for full paintings and ARTbyLola for fashion illustrations like this one.


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