A Spicy Wedding Favor

When my sister got married she & Peter decided to give out the guests packets chili powder. It is hands down my favorite wedding favor ever. Both useful & personal, the chili powder is a nod to the Southwestern town of Taos, New Mexico where the wedding was held. The card was designed by our mom with a recipe suggestion from the couple on the inside. I’ve been using the chili powder ever since.

Wedding Favor Chili Powder

Wedding Favor Chili Powder

This weekend marked an auspicious occasion. After a year and four months, I have finally used up one of the pouches! We made Southwestern twice-baked sweet potatoes a la Pennies on a Platter on Saturday & Cooking Light’s smoky slow cooker chili on Sunday. My lunch leftovers are so spicy and delicious.

These two share chilpotle chilis and green onion

Great individually. Better Together. Just like Em & Pete.

I didn’t make too many substitutions or additions to these recipes. I used chipotle chiles in both since the sweet potatoes called for a few of the peppers & the rest of the can usually goes to waste. We also added kidney beans & small white beans to the pinto beans the chili asked for. Simple, pretty healthy, and both reheat perfectly.


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