The last week has been interesting. I have been feeling a little down, but making myself get up and get going anyway. My brother and E took me shooting at Wade’s Gun Range for the first time since I took the Introduction to Hand Guns class six years ago. It was the day after Black Friday and I could have sworn it was “take your daughter to the gun range day”.  So many families with many women with them. The girls next to us had an instructor that made it sound as calming as yoga. She’s not wrong. It’s all about breath and focus.

Gun RangeBetween Thanksgiving weekend and this weekend I did a lot of things that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I jogged during a lunch break, I sang karaoke at E’s work holiday party, and I learned to play euchre and poker. It was great, but I was so relieved to do something simple & beautiful on Sunday. We went to Ocean Shores for my grandpa’s 80th birthday. We drove two hours in the rain to be rewarded with a sunny beach town and warm hugs.

Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores

This week should be a week of less. I’m thinking bake cookies, yoga, cuddle by the fireplace, and decorate for the Christmas. Breathe, rinse, repeat.


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