Ginger Hibiscus Tea

I’ve been a little bit sick for 2 weeks now. Some days dizzy, some days a fever. Today it has finally become a full force head cold. Now I’m off sick from work on a beautiful day, resting on the couch with lots of fluids.

After two weeks of this thing I am pretty tired of most pre-bagged tea. Since I’m home today I changed up my routine by adding dried hibiscus & ginger to the usual lemon & honey. All the added acidity and spice feels great on my throat. Plus it is a bit like sorrel, though far less fun without the rum.

Lemon, honey, ginger tea for me.

Dried hibiscus

The dried flowers & shaved ginger steep before adding honey & lemon.

Lemon & a wind chime. Decided to add some of the zest to the tea.

Drinking it up.

Lemony spicy sweet goodness.

Canned soup with a store bought rotisserie chicken. No effort & more satisfying.

Edit to add: Dried hibiscus is used in drinks all over the world (including in Celestial Seasons “Red Zinger” tea), but it best known for it’s uses in Jamaica and Latin America. You will be able to find it in most Mexican markets labeled at “flor de Jamaica”. Our stash came from MacPherson’s Fruit Stand in Beacon Hill.


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