How Do You Make A Diptych without Photoshop?

Diptychs are awesome. The pairings offer a longer narrative and, at least to me, really communicate a feeling. The trouble is figuring out how to accomplish this look without using Photoshop.

I used to use Photoshop to make diptych and triptychs so often that I have a full album of ’em on flickr. Between then and now I changed computers 2-3 times, including a switch from PC to Mac, and my copy of Photoshop is no longer usable. Maybe it’s because I’m cheap, maybe it’s because E is a good influence, but this was a good time to try the open source version. Unfortunately I’ve found diptychs are more difficult with Gimp.  It has left me wanting to try alternative methods. Most places online will tell you how to make a diptych with a photo editor, but this discussion on the Flickr group “Diptych This” inspired me to try again.

All the photos below are from this past week, mostly Saturday while we explored Pioneer Square.

1., Mosaic Maker

A Wedding march to the Sounders pitch.

The Mosaic Maker has several format options: Square Tiles, 4 with shadows,  Thin Frames, 1 large + 3 on the right, etc. The only one where you choose how many photos to use is the square tiles, and you can chose if you want it to be vertical or horizontal. Make sure to chose the right number of images; if you don’t fill in the amount of images it needs you will end up with blank spaces. You also can’t choose how it crops your photos, so this works best when your subject is centered. The interface uses urls and can pull from your Facebook photos.

2., a beta site

This site is a more artful way of making a diptych online. It has a simple two square box format, and the user has full control of the crop. The main problem is that it is all web hosted. You can share the image, but it is still two separate images & you can’t download the diptych. This seems strange when all the photos must be uploaded, no urls.

I’m still excited to see where this site ends up. It is really lovely to browse through their user contents. Check out my first try featuring urban art.

Edit, 10/5. They now have a download feature! Check it out:

Now in download-able form!

3. Power Point image grouping

Waterfall Garden in Pioneer Square. Never knew this was here. It’s also a block from the Gold Rush Museum.

This method was the simplest by far.

  1. Open up PowerPoint
  2. Open the two files (or copy-paste)
  3. Move and resize until they fit.
  4. Select them, right-click, select “group”
  5. Right click, save as picture. Make sure to save as a jpg.

It’s not the fanciest, you can’t crop and you cannot retain blank spaces between images, but man, it is so easy. Bonus points for the photos not needing to be boxes. I don’t love boxy photos.

4. Loving your full frame

Pioneer Square Firehouse

Obviously this isn’t a way to make a diptych. It’s just enjoying the natural repetition in the world around you. Sometimes that is all you really need.

What methods have you used to make diptychs? And which extension should I try for instagram diptychs for android?


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