Ancestral Modern & Asparagus

One of my favorite sections of Seattle Art Museum has always been their Australian Aboriginal & Oceanic art room. It is this wonderful mix of modern art, colors, textures, tradition, and story telling.  I drag every friend over to it when they come to the museum with me.

With that in mind, you can imagine how excited I have been about their full sized special exhibit of this art, Ancestral Modern. It has been running since May and this Sunday is the last day! Give yourself lots of time if you are heading in this weekend. The exhibit is wonderful and completely overwhelming.

At SAM Remix, June 2010. First trip after they lifted the photography ban.

At Ancestral Modern, August 2012. Found out later I wasn’t supposed to take photos. Oops!

My first trip I made it through the third room while really soaking it up, then had to rush through to the end. E had the exact same response when we went together. On my third trip yesterday I started in the 4th room, shown above. I vaguely remembered parts of the later rooms from the two previous visits, but certainly not well enough. These are paintings to remember. That painting on the right by Elizabeth Nyumi is to blame for my bold new rug. The texture of it looks so inviting.

They have a lot of postcards, notebooks, magnets, etc. for sale in the store, but none of them captured how amazing these paintings are in person nor any of the history you learn about through the exhibit. (I was really hoping for a poster of Gloria Tamerr Petyarr’s graphic black and white painting in the first picture.) For the first time ever, I had to buy the exhibition catalogue.

It was a color coded haul.

E & I flipped through the book while I made bacon wrapped asparagus. I plan on reading a little bit more before diving back in to Ancestral Modern for the fourth time!


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