A Paella Wedding Feast

A few weekends ago E & I hopped on a ferry to attend a friend’s wedding on Whidbey Island. The bride’s parents raised her in a community overlooking the Saratoga Pass, accidentally providing a completely perfect & personal location for the big day.

How perfect is that?

The part that caught my attention was dinner. The couple hired caterers to make paella at the party. It was a show in and of itself! The caterer started prepping the fire & enormous skillet before the ceremony, and had the food in full swing by the time the “I Do’s” were exchanged.

I was not the only one transfixed by the paella.

It was hands down my favorite wedding meal ever. Delicious. E & I shared a generous portion of seconds that we couldn’t finish. When I saw that the caterer was boxing up the other leftovers I approached him to see if I would get a doggy bag. To my surprise & delight, he handed me an entire extra box in addition to boxing up our food. I wish it had come with a card. Gotta bug the groom for the catering company name when they get back from the honeymoon.

Anyway. We had a great time playing yard games, having bubble wars, drinking beer from the kegs in the barn, and dancing until we were in danger of missing the last ferry home.

E & J played with the kids.

Dancing until dark


Now I really need to try my hand at paella.


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