Our Happy Home

A year after my original post, I’m fairly confident that we finally have a home to be proud of. It feels so good walking in the front door.

Morning light makes everything pretty.

That folding table should look familiar.

A box of movies and wine out from last night.

Told you the sideboard didn’t look too different.

Ah. And the best part is the room has stayed this level of clean for almost a week! UnfuckYourHabitat is really inspiring that way. All of the furniture from the previous posts is still here, being used in either of the two bedrooms. The wires are all hidden to the best of our renter abilities. The pull-out bed in the sofa now works without any fuss. It just works.


4 thoughts on “Our Happy Home

  1. That’s the Rainier Beer one from when Mom worked at the brewery. It holds most of our Christmas stuff so I don’t have to use closet space! I know where the Washington Apple one is though! I’ll mail it with your red pants.

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