And we’re back, complete with a new living room!

After some time in a space I get itchy to move furniture. Some times it happens when the seasons change. Other times it’s because I know it could be better.

If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed my recent obsession with rooms styled by Emily Henderson. Half of my “At My House” board is from her blog, Style By Emily Henderson. She also has a show on HGTV which I have never seen due to our lack of a television. Obviously that’s not a problem since her online video on How to Style Your Mantel is to blame for getting this ball rolling.


Living Room Before

So busy.

A sitting area, desk area, dining area, and a sideboard all in one small living room. It’s just too much.  It was hard to really feel organized. There was also very little room to walk. But look at that mantel. Doesn’t it look nice?

Folding dining table

We did eat at this table often, but in order to gain more free space we had to de-program some areas. I also wanted to hide more of our wires.

Living Room Before

Front entry/sideboard

This area ended up looking pretty much the same. That large beige carpet belonged to the landlord. Taking it out was the first step to change!


Getting the urge to move furniture is trickier when it’s not just me. I was focused on replacing the rug. He wanted better lighting. Both of us wanted more breathing room and better organization.

This was the new plan I drew up. Unlike last time, I re-designed the whole house. I also used google docs again to make lists of where the furniture was moving and what we needed to get rid of or buy to accomplish the new layout.

Full House Plan

New Rug!!

New rug! Much smaller & much more colorful.

I found a guy-approved floral! This wool rug was found on Overstock for a cheap price & free shipping. It has all of the colors we were using already, including hints of black without looking like a bad bachelor pad. It actually made me like the tan/red/black fireplace better too.

We tested out the new rug  by building the Star Wars X-wing E gave me for my birthday while lounging on the floor. Verdict: The new rug rocks.

First night with the new rug

First night with the new rug called for legos.

Legos are like art

The Star Wars legos are my version of sculpture.

With moving the furniture around we were able to put lamps on both sides of the couch. I then scoured craigslist for the perfect brass reading lamp.  We moved the pantry shelves out to the living room for a bookcase. Ta da! Reading nook.

Living Room transition

New reading lamp.

Living Room transition

Painters tape helps.

We also changed from the large Amish quilt to a lighter blanket so we wouldn’t need to be as worried about spilling.

The next little project is working on what art to put above the couch. I made a large box with painters tape to see how I felt about a large piece of art. Originally I liked that idea since we have so many collections happening already. Now I’m leaning back towards a small gallery with the Gauguin girls as the largest piece. It’ll be easier to do with what we already own.


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