I cannot wait for date night this week. Wim Wenders, director of the documentary Pina, will be at Cinerama in Seattle for a Q&A! When do you ever get to see an Oscar nominated film with the director present?! What do we ask?! Aaand breathe.

It’s going to be a little dance action for me and a little awesome director for him. E & I saw Mr. Wenders’ Wings of Desire at Central Cinema for one of our early dates. We had dark beer floats and he translated as many of the languages as possible for me. Since then we have been slacking. There’s no way we can watch Beuna Vista Social Club & Paris, Texas before Friday.

Look familiar? That photo has been making the rounds a lot lately. I even used it in a blog post in December!

The best explaination I’ve read of this film was by Jen Graves for The Stranger. You should go read her piece, but here is a super brief overview. German choreographer Pina Bausch  had been a powerhouse of modern dance since the 1970s. She passed away suddenly in 2009, just 5 days after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Mr. Wenders had already planned on making a movie about her, and her dancers convinced him to go ahead with the project. I am so glad they did. This may be the first time I really enjoy a 3D movie.


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