How Do You Chambray?

Last week I went in to Old Navy in search of a chambray shirt. I haven’t been in that store in at least 10 years. That place so overwhelming with the colors and bright white lights, not to mention that the clothes usually fit me like a sack. Definitely does not inspire much drive to shop. Add that to the 1990s family portrait where we were dressed in all denim, and you can really see how this was awkward for me.

Anyway, I saw the shirt on a mannequin and couldn’t spot it between the horror, so I asked the woman working there where the chambray shirts were hanging. “The what?” I point to the mannequin. “Oh! The denim shirts! They’re right over there.” Um. The what indeed. I left for 10 minutes before breaking down, going back in, and buying the thing. It took that much energy to consider buying a “denim shirt” from Old Navy. It’s like admitting you love mom jeans.

The thing that convinced me to finally get over my qualms and own a chambray shirt was how easily it transitions from a fall/mild winter staple…

Found at Prepaganda

Found on Pinterest

…to a perfect piece.

From Casual Glamorous

From Stuff Jewish Girls Like

Super preppy, sure, but I think I can hack it. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Chambray?

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