A Day in the Food: Cabinet Cleaning Cooking

Trying to make food happen when the ice storm hit was it’s own adventure. This is not a fridge you want to see while you’re hunkered down for a few days. This is especially true for those people, like myself, who cook when they’re bored.

We had these fresh things: 3 bananas, 1 braeburn apple that refuses to go bad, 1 grapefruit, 2 limes, 1 fennel bulb, garlic, and a small bunch of organic carrots.  We also had chicken thighs in the freezer. It definitely required some creativity with dry goods.

So what did we eat? Here’s a diary in the meals of one snow day.

Breakfast: Apple cinnamon oatmeal with brown sugar

Half of the apple, sliced up small, was added to the water while I brought it to a boil for the oatmeal. Neither of us are normally oatmeal people. Not even sure why we have a tube of it. This was really tasty though. It’s probably all of that brown sugar.

Lunch: Chili!

A few days of it and still going strong. Eating it with rice really helps stretch it out.

This is the part of the day where we broke down and trekked to the store. Why? Because I was getting the urge to bake, and we didn’t have vanilla extract. The embarrassing part of this is that I still haven’t made those cookies.

Did you know that there is a grocery store at 4 different Light Rail stops? Safeway at Othello, QFC at Mount Baker, Red Apple at Beacon Hill, and IGA at University Street. It’s great, especially considering that the Light Rail is probably the safest transport in Seattle during the storm.

Dinner: Roast Vegetables and Breaded Chicken

The only things from our trip to the store that I added to dinner were the fingerling potatoes and the wine.

With the oven pre-heating to 400, the fennel, carrots, and potatoes were boiled together for about 6 minutes, then drained and transferred to a glass casserole dish with some salt, pepper and oil. The garlic slices were thrown in on top of the veggies while they waited for the oven.

The chicken thighs were defrosted, deboned, deskinned (that’s not really the term, but we’re all having fun here), trimmed of fat, and then cut in half.  The chicken pieces were dunked in egg before being rolled in a coating of parmesan and italian spiced bread crumbs, and browned in a pan of heated oil. After a couple of minutes per side, the chicken was pulled out and placed in the casserole dish. It all went in to the oven for about 20 minutes.

The chicken was seriously delicious. The vegetables, however, could use some work. When I do this again, the potatoes will start boiling first to give them a little more time, and I’ll use a metal baking sheet so that the veggies can roast more. Those satisfying slightly crunchy browned parts of oven roasted veggies  just didn’t happen with the glass dish.


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