Snow Day!

It didn’t snow here for over 24 hours after the rest of the Seattle area. I honestly didn’t think we were ever going to get past the rain. When it finally came down, it was beautiful. The sun never stopped shinning!

What is it about snow that makes even taking out the recycling turn in to a great time?

This is why I should find a better camera. The garland we made for the Christmas tree is now outside to feed the birds. Haven’t seen many for a few day, so I’m guessing that Northwest birds can sense when the snow is headed our way for once.

The boys had a snowball fight out on the sidewalk. We even threw snowballs for the neighbors’ puppy. He’s less than a year old and today was his first time seeing snow. We’d throw a snow ball and he’d try to find it, only to have it fall apart when he pounced on it. He nearly dug up the grass trying to find one of them. Too, too cute.


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