Carbonara with Brussels Sprouts

It’s Brussels sprout season! This definitely counts as a grown-up veggie. That would probably change if more parents cooked it with bacon like mine do these days. It’s bascially like this simple Rachel Ray recipe where the Brussels sprouts are cooked in leftover bacon fat and then briefly boiled with a cup of broth. I modify it a bit by not lowering the heat and cooking them up faster.

Yesterday, after doing the same thing with the first half of my box of sprouts, I was inspired to try something a little different: Spaghetti alla Carbonara with Brussels sprouts!

Being the Food Network fan that I am, I used a Tyler Florence recipe as a base. There’s nothing fancy about my version. Turkey bacon was subbed for pancetta, and white cheddar was used instead of parmesan. There are some frozen peas in the mix too. I love peas. The Brussels sprouts were cut in to strips similar to a chiffonade, and cooked in the pan with the bacon.While not super healthy, this meal was really balanced, really delicious, and seriously easy to make. I’ll be doing it again tonight.

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