Removing Veneer

Now we move on to my favorite part, removing the veneer!

Veneer Removal

I went for the ironing method of removal. Make sure the iron is full and set to high. The heat is what softens the hide glue while moisture breaks the bond.

An edge can be pried up with a putty knife first so that there’s a starting point. There was already a broken corner on the table so it worked like a dream.

Ironing off the veneer

Veneer removal can be a trial-and-error process. I decided to increase my chances of success by adding an additional glue softening element: white vinegar. A 50-50 ratio with water really seemed to help.

The towel was soaked in the mixture to intensify the effects of the iron’s steam. It also acts as a protective barrier between the wood and the hot iron.

It works!

Peeling it off is a slow process. Sometimes it worked perfectly. Sometimes I had to go back over it with the iron a few times.

Veneer is gone

All clean and dry!

Hopefully I can finish this project after the wedding. Taos, here we come!


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