Em’s Wedding Inspiration Board

Post wedding seemed like a good time to share my sister’s beautiful design board. The El Monte Sagarado Resort and the Ed Sandoval paintings in the ballroom were part of the inspiration. It all came together so well that the hotel set it up a few days early to take a photoshoot of their wedding reception tables! Em has been saying that it didn’t turn out anything like the original ideas here, but I disagree. See for yourself!

It has rained all night and morning. Then when we stepped out of the hair salon there was that familiar bright orb in the sky! Luckily the grove wasn’t too soggy. Those heel protecting caps can only do so much..

The bridesmaid jewelry was all designed & made by Mom with Em’s ideas. Big teal and purple statement necklaces and matching earrings for the bridesmaids in strapless dresses, big round gold disk earrings with dangling purple and teal beads for mine.

This teal Chevy was a surprise for their photos from Mom & Dad. It’s owned by Ed Sandoval, the painter himself! They drove it around town and took a ton of wedding photos with it. I cannot wait to see how they turned out.
Also, the photobooth was awesome. Happy wedding everyone!

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