Stripping Wood

This side table was abandoned at the Park & Ride. I stalked it for a day or so to see if its owner would come back. They did not, so I claimed it as my own. Who doesn’t love a free project piece? They’re great for practicing new techniques.

(As embarrassing as it is to note, this project was started almost a year ago! Hopefully deciding to write about it helps me finish it.)

Furniture Stripping

The materials I used were a brush, a metal paint tray, a scraper, gloves, and most importantly Soy Gel paint & polyurethane remover.

There are cheaper options that can work faster, but they are far more toxic. This one I could breath around and even touch if I washed soon enough.


I wore a face mask anyway. It made me laugh.

Pre-Chipped Veneer

This is what the top looked like. I removed that veneer later, but had to strip the wood first!

Furniture Stripping

Soy Gel needs to be spread all over in a decently thick coating and then left to work for a few hours. Long enough to go so something more stereotypically girly, like bake some muffins.

I didn’t photograph the next part because my hands were all messy. Getting the scrapper in those small crevices was hell. I’m still not convinced I got it all out. But it looked stripped, and Soy Gel washes off with water and a scrub brush, so I moved on to the next step: removing the veneer from the top!


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