Bumber by Numbers

Are you Bumbershooting this weekend? Please go to Bumber by Numbers for me!

Nancy Guppy’s piece

It’s a laundry list of local artists curated by Marlow Harris and JoDavid, all putting together the kind of art I dream of making when scouring Goodwill. The pre-show coverage on different sites keeps turning up more and more awesome. Catch some of them at Seattle Twist and Unusual Life.

How could you pass up getting to painting Ryan Fedderson‘s audience participation paint-by-number? I want to see this version of “The Picnic” (“Le Dejeuner sur L’Herbe”) when everything is done on Monday evening.

Other fun facts about this: Kirsten Anderson of Roc la Rue was the one who tipped off Boing Boing.

…Maybe over the weekend I will finally find the perfect painting to add pterodactyls in to the scene…


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