Topics of the Day: Classic movies

Have you ever had the same topic pop up in different conversations during the day? The kind that you didn’t bring up, it’s not on the news, yet it seems to be on everyone’s minds? It happens to me all the time. Last night was all about these classic movies:

The Way We Were

This movie is all about the end, from “Your girl is lovely, Hubble” to the song. It’s hard not to join in when impromtu singing of “Memories” breaks out. Which happened at happy hour.


Naked City Brewery is showing Metroplois this weekend with a live DJ playing an electronic soundtrack. Coincidentally, the bar last night was playing it in the background. I ordered a negroni for the occasion. E went for the gimlet. It was deliciously 20s.

The Naked City showing is on Sunday night from 7-10pm. Go if you can!


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