Bridal Shower Project

I’m sure this is cheating to post this now. My sister’s bridal shower was a month ago, but this party decoration was so easy to create!

The lacey lanterns were a project inspired by Belinda over at The Happy Home Blog and really helped make it a special garden party.

Bridal shower

A couple of additional tips from my own attempts:

    • Scotch double-sided permanent strength tape was the only kind that actually held the petals on the lanterns and even that didn’t hold perfectly.


  • Be prepared to use at least 1.5 packages of 16-count doilies for each lantern.



  • Wilton’s grease-proof kind had the prettiest “lace” of the varieties I found.



  • Don’t put them outside in the wind until the party is about to start. (See point 1 if you’re wondering why!)



  • You may need a buddy to hang them at the right height. I wasn’t tall enough to hang them myself even on the highest ladder.


I got by with a little help from my dad.

Bridal shower

Ta-Da! Girly summer ambiance.

Bridal shower
Bridal shower

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