Stitch Wars!

The other day I stumbled upon this adorable exhibit at Bear & Bird Gallery in Florida while I was rabbit holing through blogs. It’s called Stitch Wars, and it’s a group show of crafters taking on Star Wars, mostly from the original trilogy. There were a lot of really cute things created. Take a look at the flickr set for the show! I love Heidi Kenney’s take on Luke & the Tauntaun.

Instead on focusing on things that have already sold, I want to highlight a couple of my favorites that are still available.

Brenda Burton designed an entire line of Star Wars hats for the exhibit. My friend Stephanie and I are coveting these two. They are simple, feminine, and potentially great for light saber battles. The best part? They’re only $25 each.

My other favorite piece that is still for sale is the Sarlac Pitlow Monster by Scrumptious Delight. Of course I love it. Return of the Jedi is my favorite, and I have a serious weakness for multipurpose items. It is a regular brown pillow on one side, and a nerd horror on the back. Note Boba Fett’s helmet in it’s tentacle. Fantastic.

The show runs until August 29th!


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